Welcome to our restorant

At Take a Break Café, we ll give you a warm-hearted welcome. There s a wonderful story of work experience, honesty, a wide range of goods/a variety of delivery modes/dedication and good flavor in every bite. 

We truly believe that Magic exists, and it does in every soup, salad, and every dish served, so you can have your own experience. At Take a Break.

About take a break cafe

We are proud to be a growing family business operation, we strive for quick, friendly service, great food and fair prices. 

At Take a Break Cafe we serve delicious specials everyday, our catering service has been built on quality, dedication, timeliness and pricing, throughout the past 20 years

¿Where to find us?

Buschwood Park

3450 Buschwood Park Dr
Tampa, FL 33618
(813) 512-7452